A Driver is a professional who drives clients around in an efficient, safe and timely manner. In addition to maintaining regular cleaning services for their vehicle as well as managing payments on time each week/monthly cycle goes by; drivers also plan routes based on road conditions.

Driver allowance 2 hour : Rs.300,additional per hour: Rs.75 and if driver pickup a car After a minimum of 10 km ,travel charges also add.


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We Have a lot to offer all the student drivers that come through their gates. It is a professional organization that teaches you the proper, correct, and safest ways to drive and take on the various situations that you could face on a regular Indian road. By combining in-class, outdoor, and simulator training, the Maruti Suzuki Driving School provides a complete training experience like no other. To better understand why the Maruti Suzuki Driving School should be chosen, here are the pros and cons.


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